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Why people are afraid to leave unsafe marriages

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

Louisiana law generally allows you to divorce your partner for any reason without that person’s consent. Therefore, it may seem relatively easy to leave a marriage that is toxic or not safe. However, the truth is that leaving an abusive relationship can be extremely difficult as those who are trying to get out may lack the necessary resources.

Financial issues

An abuser may attempt to exert control over a victim by cutting off financial access. For instance, an abusive partner may confiscate your paycheck each week or transfer your money into a bank account that they control. This may make it extremely difficult to pay for food, transportation or housing unless you have help from friends or family members.

Lack of a support system

Another tactic that an abuser may use to make leaving difficult is to isolate you from family or friends. Therefore, you may believe that you have no one to reach out to when you’re ready to leave your abusive marriage.

Physical and emotional threats

Abusive spouses may use threats of violence to keep their partners compliant. Ultimately, you may feel as if leaving is too big of a risk to your physical or mental health. Your spouse may threaten to harm your kids, your pets or others in your family if you try to leave. Alternatively, your partner might threaten to commit suicide or otherwise try to make you feel guilty about seeking a divorce.

Regardless of why you want to divorce your spouse, it’s generally best to start preparing before you file any paperwork. Do your best to address your financial situation. Have a plan for housing and transportation for yourself and your children. Preparing for a difficult time can make it easier to endure.