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For Child Support That Is Not Too High Or Too Low, Geaux Cascio!

When Louisiana parents do not live together, one of them usually must pay child support. Child support is necessary to help pay for the children’s needs, but it should not be more than the paying parent can afford. The Cascio Law Firm, helps parents in Baton Rouge with all their child support matters, including getting a support order and enforcing or modifying it.

Attorney Chris Cascio has more than 20 years of experience. He is a committed and compassionate family law lawyer who uses his skills to help parents and their children.

The Child Support System In Louisiana

Like most states, Louisiana’s child support law sets out a formula for determining how much support a noncustodial parent must pay to the custodial parent or directly to child care and other services. The basic principle is that the support should put the children in the same financial position they would have living in the same household as both parents at the same time. The formula is based on factors like each parent’s gross income, how much time the kids spend in each parent’s home per the child custody arrangement, and how many child support obligations the paying parent has.

These circumstances can change over time. For example, the paying parent could lose their job or get a large raise at work. Chris can help you seek a change to an existing child support order. If your co-parent is not making payments as they should, Mr. Cascio will enforce your order in court.

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